It's a sturdy, sharp product for a GREAT price. Hello budk. Excellent quality especially for the price. lol. What a beast! The sword is HUGE. I bought this sword from Bud K around 10 years ago and I've never looked back. my recanmendation is to BUY THIS PRODUCT I can't stress that enogh. But after reading all the reviews and a few videos on its weaknesses, I snatched it. I absolutely love this sword! In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. The heat forged 26 inch sharpened blade is tempered from solid carbon steel and is almost of an inch thick. Thanx hope this helps. Bought this as a birthday present for my son. Came as advertised, and SHARP! SPARTAN TIRE PASCO LLC. Valuable research and technology reports. A must have for anything from decoration, to randomly cutting stuff up, to preparing for the zombie apocalypse. but for the "molon labe" reference it makes a good display piece for me. The handle broke after a couple of swings on a stump. This is my second buy from trueswords and im still loving it. The detail is perfect, a must buy for any 300 fan! (35% off), Sale Price 101.97 I just got it and I love it. right. First off, this sword is pretty cheap in quality. It is no doubt the best 30 dolars Iv'e spent on a blade. This sword is phenomenal. Swinging it around is quite a workout. I just got this sword today.OMG i love it and i cant wait to get the spear and shield! (20% off), Sale Price 220.51 The handle is big enough to get another hand on it to assist, if needed, in a big swing. I've used this for costumes, demonstrations, chopping freaking wood! First let me start off by saying, that this sword is very impressive for the money. When you get yours, first thing you'll say is OMG !! If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your order will be processed and shipped the same day it is placed! I have no idea how well the metal will hold up under usage. Like many others have said, shipping is blazing fast!

"MOLON LABE! Not only did the leather wrap come off after just playing with it for a few minutes, but then I noticed that the entire handle was coming loose. I can feel its power with every swing, and its a great workout. I love the heavy blade, and it feels nice in your hand, until you hit something, I was able to twist the both the handle and the pommel loose with my hands. This one is heavy, looks like an rough iron sword from the time period, and matches the movie version very closely. I was really excited because its my first sword to start my collection. Budk is the place to look if you or someone you know is looking for anything that has a blade and then some!! this for me(who is some one who doesn't mind modifying swords)was easy to fix. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to promote their items. NEED MORE SPARTAN ITEMS!!! Here, at, we have quite a few Spartan swords that embody the power of this mighty tribe of warriors. I love the rough and rustic look of the blade, it makes the sword look like an authentic and well preserved antique. And at best, it is a sturdy, well made replica. They come in many different types for art forms like Tameshigiri, Iaito, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and WEMA. Wow. The video BUDK produced also showed it is tough as nails although I'll never put it through so much abuse. It's not razor sharp, however, I sort of suggest treating it more like an axe than a sword in this regard, a razor edge will dull quickly, a broader wedge like edge will hold its shape better and still cut well with this sword's weight behind it. It's a massive piece of metal that has a great look and feel. To prove it see my reviews of swordcane And Bloodrayne blade. Enough handle on it to be used two-handed if you have sm/med hands. This sword is absolutely amazing. The quality is amazing and I love the weight of the sword. 158.17, 395.42 It was 30$ and it's well worth it . this item can also split a nail like it say's it can. With the weight and cleaver geometry of this sword, you do not need a katana edge to destroy something with it. For those complaining about weighthit the gym. Original Price 245.01 Alot of the other reviewers are also saying how sharp it is, where that is my only disagreement. This sword isn't worth the price. It is heavy but just LOOKS cheap, other wise it rocks LOL. WRITE REVIEW. Good project sword. Honshu Spartan Sword SKU: BK-UC3345D2 $ 309.00 $ 223.00 Add to Cart Spartan Sword With Scabbard and Belt SKU: DS-1363B $ 595.00 - $ 625.00 Add to Cart Sale! It has e beautiful ridge in the center. Very impressed with this sword. Arrived today. I figured it would fall apart, but not as fast as it did. And it's too heavy to hang conveniently. All my friends want one now! (10% off), Sale Price 112.51 It surprised me that it was so inexpensive because it looked to be an honest forged blade. Will be back for the sheath! Original Price 290.26 217.41, 241.56 Out of all the blades I've bought this one is the best deal, I'd easily pay $60 for this thing. THIS IS SPARTA!! It's not pretty but if I had to walk threw the valley of death and guns not allowed? This sword looks as if it were an original, forged from Spartan Steel. Beautiful replica. The edge required some sharpening, but an Accusharp or axe grinder can fix that. I give it a four out of five.

oh, and you might want to oil it regularly if you wipe the factory oil off. I can't believe it was so cheap honestly. I know, it's a replica of an old world classic, but ergonomics were not in play then. The blade is not as detailed as shown with the pictures. BOUGHT ONE FOR MY SON AND ONE FOR ME AND WE'RE GOING TO GET TWO MORE FOR DISPLAY BECAUSE THEY ARE SUCH NICE LOOKING PIECES. It's extremely heavy and rugged (which matches the theme perfectly). Super happy I got it, its kinda heavy to. This sword is crazy! Beautifully made and the only compliant I have is the faux leather on the handle but it's still a great buy! It is nearly full tang through the hilt, but terminates in a rat tail tang which attaches the pommel with a nut and washer to the tang. Protect, Respect and Reflect folks! The handle is a little shaky, but some work will fix that. But this blade is worth the money. If you plan to do more than hang on wall, you will need to reinforce, retighten, and wrap with your own leather. Solid sword! Very very satisfied. This thing is a beast! Cross guard and pommel are hollow (I knew this before buying), so I'm replacing them with solid blackened stainless. (which is why i am typing) The amount of detail and precision is aw-inspiring , i am so glad i bought this. It is almost as sharp as Cold Steel's Gladius. I would recommend this sword to anyone who loves a good sturdy sword to beat things up with. Be warned, it is larger, though not by a massive amount, then the ones in the movie, but because it is a display, i think it was a great idea to up the size a little. A very neat product you will love. (25% off), Sale Price 51.08 This replicas is great as advertised. (10% off), Sale Price 347.73 Black 2 Piece 26" + 18" Twin Tanto Blade Full Tang Ninja Sword Set. Best bang for the buck I've bought yet. nice sword not as thick as i thought it would be on the back side looked way thicker on site. If BudK could make this baby in a two handed open guard grip version, it would be a BIG hit. There's only two purposes for the way this sword is built, feels, weighs and they are either to completely take off any limb with a single swing or kill period. Just by swinging it you can feel it is a solid, sturdy blade. I bought the companion knife to go with it. The sword is very durable and strong, the handle has real leather wrap which grips perfectly. Read our Cookie Policy. It stabbed a truck box camper with minimum effort. Bought your to have a pair. Now I have a piece of rod iron. And just for you history buffs out there, this sword is not an Exact replica. It's like a long axe. Beware zombies or anything else for that matter that gets in the way of this beast. Good This blade may not be a historical model, but would be deadly in the hands of any Spartan. The sword handle is large enough to be used two handed. A Small tree would go down with one Swipe. Hefty in weight, and good looking. NOT A FUNCTIONAL SWORD. I would recommend it not just to fans of the movie, but for those just looking for a nice new sword to add to their collection. the sword is perfect. Great sword, alot more than i was expecting for the price, and heavy piece of work,though the oil on the blade was unexpected,im very happy and cant wait to display it. All and all I find this sword to be very sturdy and well made. Very good buy. Copys from your company. This sword is amazing, when I first picked it up, I was surprised to see it has a great weight, and a sharp blade. This is a wall hanger sword, do not use to chop! It's matching leather scabbard is also sturdy and very well made. The sword arrived within 2 days. 141.38, 157.09 It is anything but that. This sword was awesome while I had it! I have bought a lot from budk with never a problem in anyway. Would totally recommend. Strong, we'll made, and even takes an edge great! For the true 300 Spartan fanatic, this sword will make great historical significance addition to your home or office as a decoration. Once that was taken care of, it was simply awesome. I own one. I will order again and the shipping was super fast. The Spartan Sword has been an exceptional addition to Honshu's rock solid tactical weapon line and, now, we are offering it in Damascus steel. I was disappointed with this purchase. As a functional piece, it will take some modification to make it entirely safe for long term use. 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword $39.99 Combat Commander Modern Tactical Spartan Sword - 1065 Carbon Steel $46.99 $39.98! Very pleased. it dos not come dull and looks scary as anything.definitly a good buy and I highly recommend it. It's the real deal so next time I watch 300 I'll be holding it.   Spain   |   English (US)   |   (EUR), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy, remember your login, general, and regional preferences, personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers. Double Edged Ninja Rainbow Blade Sword. My only problem I had was the handle. BUT I am being honest. 5.0 out of 5 stars A real Spartan Sword minus the 7 year training required to own one. Fortunately, the handle is big enough that you can use two hands. At worst, this sword was a very enjoyable project for those who want a sword "kit". Bigger than the movie, but that's to be expected for a replica. Still waiting for mine to arrive but from the reviews its going to be kick ass, i bought this beauty when it was just 20$. 215.10, 239.00 Did not include sheath but that's to be expected with the price. SLICES THROUGH 2 TO 3 INCH SAPLINGS WHEN CLEARING UNDERGROWTH LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER. Severing a 2" sapling felt like the handle was about to pop. Get this one. And I have to say, BEST PURCHASE I've ever made. and its very sharp!!! I will invest in a more sturdy sword, possibly one that is a true replica of the sword used in the motion picture, 300. this is a ok decent sword. When I bought this sword I was looking for something I could at least swing. The 25 1/2" heat forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel. With a little bit of TLC and some epoxy, it was good as new (Better without the handle guard). The blade is sharp and the tip of the sword can go through anything with great ease. The actual blade is great. Great sword for the price! Was a great purchase. This ultimately produces a sword that feels and looks as authentic as the originals - made as fully functional battle ready weapons. 194.82, 324.71 Original Price 160.72 i like the way you guys do business thats why i would like to order more swords from you thanks!

jawz, veary nice sword heavy just straight bad ass best sword i bought yet. but over all cool sword only problem was loose wrapping on handle note to ad a lot lighter than expected swings easy one handed it is a cool sword. it came sharp and pre-oiled.
mine didnt match the picture, i got a darker handle wrap, and the blade is black, except where its sharpend, so that kinda matches, but it looks great and feels Very solid. the leather on the handle get loose when you swing it
2. Negative 5 stars if possible. Just cut off the pleather and made my own grip. I repaired it best I could, but it's still lose so when you swing it, it knocks in ypur hand (and as from what I read mine is not the only handle issue,) the blade has some 'bubbles' here and there and knicks but it looks more battle worn so I like it. It is worth the money. Another poster mentioned the full tang is a rat tail. I've been making Damascus blade weapons for 30+ years, and I've got dozens of original swords from 1000s of years till WWl. I also believe that you get what you pay for and for the money (less than $30 because I had 10% off from a previous order) you can't beat this sword. This is a great Sword for Display, All in All I Love it. Do they have a purpose. Watched the demo and had to have it sharpened the h**l out of it now its even scarier!heavy and solid.chop up a car or cut down a tree. Then THIS is the sword for you hands down. It was awesome, you have my gratitude. Just know what you might get and dont feel disappointed. In the right hands, a very deadly weapon.It has an aura of power waiting to be unleashed. Very impressive item. it was awesome and cut through wood. Just a few concerns. The bottom of the pommel that curves up, spins around freely with little effort so be cautious of this when defending. Blade seems great though, only reason it gets 3 stars. i was very pleased with this sword not one complaint. It can come loose but that can easily be fixed. All in all I would never recommend anyone to buy this unless to use it as a wall hanger or a movie prop because the blade is made of a cheap metal and the handle is basically leather and glue. It is also very sharp the handle is just fine and is sold as a rock unlike some other reviews. Grip is now solid. You won't find a blade like this for such a great price. So Great sword! We have updated the review to reflect the appropriate spelling. I am a third generation swordsmith, so when I buy a blade I want to make sure I'm getting my moneys worth. lol. Honshu Spartan Sword with Sheath To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. Stop by and browse this awesome selection of Spartan swords. Beautiful cold steel finish, looks authentic and heavier than I expected, giving it an even more realistic feel. The one draw back, and it's a huge one , is that the undersized handle seriously handicaps the user. Gota train with it though the thing is beastly heavy! One hunk of metal with form that is both imposing And lethal. My brother enjoys how not only can he demolish cars with it, but that it makes a great wallhanger too. Thank you BudK.. I did exactly what they showed the people on their video on youtube! this sword did extremely well with all three, how ever i would not recomend the nails very often because the chance of missing the nail and hitting the brick is too high the brick actually flatted the 420 stainless steel blade. I sharpened mine and it is "Spartan" ready. $56.00 $38.00 Sale. But it did finely break. I'd buy again in a heartbeat. the metal pommel is held in by a nut, washer, and some type of glue. my greek ancestors would be proud!! Also, the leather grip is a little bit loose, but its not a huge problem. It was better than I thought it would be the silver part next to the blade was not near as large as shown on the picture. The leather wrap came off the first week I had it so I used gorilla wood glue on it and it never came off again. Add To Cart. I bought two of these beasts. Sad face. Looks like I picked up right out of the battlefield of the Hot Gates itself. The pommel twists all the way round now and if I can figure out how to get it off I would make my own handle and pommel. Not in length but in weight width and appearance. Absolutely amazing. this sword is sick, especially when its in your hands! Solid, full-tang and heavy. looks great with the more expensive one I got at a local store. Its heavy metal and comes semi sharp. I am very satisfied with this product and it is well worth the price. very sturdy blade. 220.51, 245.01 One of the other reviewers is correct, everyone who sees it can't wait to hold it. Thank you. Kinda need to watch the wrap on the handle. I bought it to change it up some, polished half the blade for the 2 tone look I love. Comprehensive company profiles. Grab battle ready or cosplay swords in amazing variety featuring Ninja swords, Samurai swords, Movie swords and so many others. We are very happy with the look and feel of the sword. Awesome display piece and excellent fallback in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. Would buy again, gave a 4 due to the handle wrapping, other than that great sword. I'm am a sword collector and feel this is a must have for any collection. It's more like wielding an axe or bat than a sword, but if the zombies attack I think this would be the sword for the job. 221.00, 260.00 Out of the box the tip was chipped off and it looks like some one slipped with the grinder and buffed off some of the "finish" a few inches from the end. The only issue i have is the leather wrap on the handle will shift from where it is originally and come loose, but it is not that critical. Fairly sharp too!. The sword comes dull and is hard to sharpen, but its mass makes the swing good anyway. This was a great addition to his collection and I think this one although not as "fancy" as the rest is his favorite! This sword is more than worth the money. Not as sharp as i had hoped but thats easily fixed. I find this sword well worth the money and a beautiful piece of art work. When it came in I was really happy with how heavy it was too. It holds an edge surprisingly well considering that even the minimum amount of force exerted on it is quite a bit. This sword is as described and looks and feels great. Just got this and im telling you now i would not be afraid to take on an army with this. It's really pointy and can go tho a lot of stuff, it ain't that sharp but it is easy to sharpen it though. Seriously, you can't complain for 29 bucks to get this much metal chopping power. they are beautiful. The forward weight alone makes it very useful, even if dull. This sword is one chunk of heavy metal. This thing was amazing! It is as advertised. This was my first purchase (as a birthday present for my husband), and all I can say about it, was that its amaing, it has a great weight, and its an awesome addition to our to collection of twenty+ weapons, it came with an edge and looks great on our wall. Tough cuts through everything For the price can't be beat. Good buy ! (20% off), Sale Price 202.26 these things are HUGE. I was surprised with how well it could cut through flesh, bone, animals, and even the shell of a turtoise. it is a good sword to use as i have on steel,NAILS as in the picture and wood up to four inches. This sword is surprisingly heavy, I believe it weighs more than 10 lbs. I absolutely love it, the handle was slightly pulled up tho but I think eventually Im just going to retap it myself with genuine leather. Heavy, but not too heavy. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. I was surprised how big and heavy it is. Address: 4710 W Hood Ave. Kennewick, WA 99336-6168. The blade has a small dent about the size of a nickle on the side about midway up but it doesn't appear to be damaged other than that. Sturdy and well made . This thing is so much better than advertised. Saw complaints anout your swords weight, they wouldn't have lived long around Greeks, Spartans, or Vikings. Great buy.
Thank you True Swords! Its a work out!!! This is a beautiful sword and I am a great fan of BUDK. 161.81, 248.94 i was expecting it to be, as i feel it is more of a showpiece anyway. It is my belief that this sword can even make a god-king bleed. This is a fantastic looking sword! Its ok, except it is cheaply made the handle falls apart, it was never made good. Splendidly made. Original Price 241.56 ), this sword was the best ever i hand countless hours of fun with it. The point is sharp from the get go. Item # NP-H-3100 King Leonidas led the Greeks into combat against Xerxes and the Persians. Comes fairly sharpened and really does look like the real thing from the movie. But if you can sharpen it, its pretty cool. Good combo for ax, hatchet and machete. You better have some muscles son.!! Even through that, the blade did not bend or deform, but broke. It would not be easy for someone to recover from a full slash or thrust of these.
No scabbards but for price I would Not expect them.
Cant tell you about "quality" of the metal as it will be months before im strong enough to use them for the cardio and strength training I bought them for. I'm very happy with it, even though it's a 1/4" thick and not 1/2" also the length of my sword is just under 33"Bad-ass Sword Thank you. A huge disappointment. It's a little heavy for one hand but easily for two hands. the insufficient tang i mentioned broke after minor use. It's well built and will last for years , and has a good heavy swing. This sword is heavier than most of my other swords, now we know why the Spartans were all so ripped. Its bigger than the movie but that just makes it better. (This all happend the same day it was delivered) I just wove a figure 8 into and around the handle and now it feels and works perfect. yes it will cut through nails, flesh, bone and put a good chip in a solid hunk of steel or another sword for that matter. It absolutely dwarfs my previous Spartan sword. It is heavy, and bigger than the usual Greek sword, but is an excellent weapon that can combine brute force with a thin edge. great price, good looker it has a nice heavy blade, i tested the durability of the sword against a tree it took about 10 "wacks" then the handle shook a little bit loose, which brings me back to it being a good looker. I was amazed by the raw strength of this blade, having seen several "mock-ups", and purchased a pale imitator. This sword was the dullest thing ever. LOL. the sheath is nice and love how i can easily draw and put the sword away while it's on my back. i can't get the backstrap on
all in all its a amazing buy. I saw this same sword in a shop for $62 so this is a great deal. Are all of these Spartan swords historical reproductions? Everyone wants to handle it. 565981. The finest true sword I have seen. (15% off), Sale Price 177.10 I am also a moderator of a zombie site called WICKEDZOMBIES.COM and let me tell you. The blade is what is important. I really underestimated how heavy the sword really was! Handling it's obvious. I threw this sword point-first at a tree, and it took a bit of effort to get it out. 347.73, 579.55 the sword is a bit heavy but i don't mind at all. (40% off), Sale Price 102.00 The 2nd issue I have is that there is no scabbard for it, which would have been nice to help protect it. A historically accurate Spartan tactical sword carried by the holpites of the Phalanx.. $ 399.00 Spartan Slashing Sword (Kopis) A slashing sword, very effective at close combat, perhaps the most lethal of all. Highly recommended! It has a good weight to it too. Great buy.. The 1st time I tried to use the 300 sword I was cutting bamboo stalks. This massive sword measures 33" overall and breathes strength. It is indeed an heavier yet sturdy blade. (35% off), Sale Price 161.80 This sword's blade is very strong and thick. I had the pleasure of playing with one of these recently, and I gotta tell ya, this is one tough-ass blade. Also be careful of the plate at the end of the pommel, it can come off is one has too much vibration from hitting an object. I will rebuilt mine for durability. Very impressive sword, well worth the 30$ (It is discounted at the moment. Firstly the paint job, atleast on mine isn't the same as the one shown, but not an huge deal really.

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